Our Mission

Doing Good Together.

Branham ASB’s mission is to establish a sense of belonging among our community through a combination of service and spirit initiatives. From our wide selection of clubs, spirited student section, and diverse extracurricular offerings, students have the opportunity to find their passion and home at Branham. On this website, you can find the happenings of Branham––from clubs to sports to ASB events.

ASB Spirit Class

Building Belonging

The spirit class aims to create a unified culture that allows students to feel pride in both their school and their individuality. By connecting and empowering students with each other, we hope to develop an accepting environment for personal growth and success. As students at Branham, we want to create experiences that highlight and support our peers. 

ASB Service Class

With Passion Comes Purpose

The Branham ASB Service class’s objective is to not only serve the Branham student body, but local community at large. By working in conjunction with surrounding student groups and community members, the class aims to generate events which promote awareness, philanthropy, and community building. 

Meet the Team

Christina Hillman

Activities Director

Activities Director Christina Hillman has served as the advisor for the Branham ASB class for the last 5 years, guiding them on their leadership journey as they strive to make a positive impact on the Branham campus.

Isha Chander

Spirit President

Alden Lister

Service President

Arianna Savitt

Spirit Vice President

Nico Morrone

Service Vice President


Aiden Duresky

Spirit Secretary

Tara Kaviani

Service Secretary

James Gardner


Justine Dreux

Outreach Coordinator